Getty Images’ relationship with the Fifa World Cup has survived and even thrived under the transition from print to digital media. Ken Mainardis, the agency’s senior vice president for global editorial, speaks to Ben Cronin about the company’s long association with the event.

Francis Tellier, who founded Host Broadcast Services after heading the broadcast operation at France ’98, reflects on the massive changes to the World Cup media environment driven by technology and broadcaster demand.

Tim Crow analyses the strategy and revenues behind Fifa’s faltering sponsorship programme, and where it might be headed next.

The sponsorship programme for the 2018 World Cup in Russia saw Fifa go to the well of multinational brands, but Fifa soon found the well had dried up.

I love the World Cup with an outsized passion because I couldn’t give a hoot about it.

As a kid in the mid- to late-1990s, my parents would buy me one pack of Merlin’s Premier League stickers a week. Little did they know the monster they were creating.

Marketers with a stake in the World Cup would want you to believe that every tournament will be brilliant and memorable – a moveable feast that never disappoints.

Maradona may have crushed the hopes of a nine-year-old boy, but he also hooked him on the theatre of football for life.

Fifa’s global sponsorship programme is one of the most lucrative in the world. But its creation, amid the febrile atmosphere of the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, owes more to one man’s persistence than business logic.